I can’t stress enough how important a good domain name is for a company, especially a small business. Competition out there is tough enough. Don’t make it even harder for your customers to find you by having a less than memorable domain name. At this point in time it may be difficult to secure yourbusinessname.com. But take a lesson from Zip Dry Cleaners and find  a .com that is memorable and not too far off. They use 321zips.com. Brilliant!

Domain registrations are cheap so secure similar and alternate names for your business as well. Washington Sports Clubs is part of a large company that also owns New York Sports Clubs, Boston Sports Clubs, and Philadelphia Sports Clubs. Their main domain is mysportsclubs.com. However, they still have failed to secure mysportsclub.com which was only first registered in 2003 and is up for sale. When I used to frequent their web site to check class schedules, I could never remember which domain was correct. How happy would I have been if the proper site popped up whether I included the “s” or not? Daft!

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