I saw this van on the road today. If I hadn’t taken this picture, I would not have remembered the domain name. What struck me was the name makes no sense to the average motorist who may see this van on the road. In doing a little research, I learned that Wiygul is the last name of the owner and also the name of some of their other shops, however, they do own restonautomotive.com so why not put that on the van? It is simple, easy to read as the van passes and easy to remember. If they are trying to rebrand themselves as Wiygul then I would have included that business name on the van instead of “Reston Automotive”.

Compare this to the ThinkRabies van. I don’t even know the name of that business, but you can bet I will remember the domain name and they will be the first people I look up in the event I need to get rid of an animal.