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28 July 2008 ~ 0 Comments

I opted in within minutes

As you can tell from recent entries, I am hesitant to sign up for anything on web sites I don’t know yet. Even though I have an email address specifically for using on such web sites. Today, I found a web site that I signed up on within minutes of reaching the site. It has become clear to me in the past few months that my toddler and I are sensitive to the intense pollen in the Northern Virginia area. We were both stricken late last week with some type of pollen so I Googled “pollen count Virginia” and was directed to www.pollen.com where I can search current and past pollen levels for my zip code including which types pollen are high. Within the results page was a 2-day Allergy Alert sign up. That is a no brainer for a mom like me. To be alerted that pollen levels will be high so I can be sure to sinus rinse and take allergy medication. Brilliant! – timely, personal, relevant and expected communication.

What I also like is that they only asked me for my email address and zip code. Just the details that they need to provide me with the information I want. I can’t wait to see what the communications look like and how our relationship progresses.

11 July 2008 ~ 0 Comments

LinkedIn Maiden Name

Why is there no spot on LinkedIn for my maiden name? I am not sure how my collegiate friends are supposed to find me. I am guessing that it was designed by a man who wouldn’t even think about this.

After this post, I found this issue discussed on another blog. You can find a band-aid for the problem here.

Update April 2009: I’m not sure when they did it, but LinkedIn has added a Maiden Name field to the Profile settings. Thank you.

10 June 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Making it Easy for Attendees to See Themselves


I attended a workshop this weekend with Lisa Whelchel. She handled photos with her in a very interesting way. She actually recruited a volunteer to take pictures with Lisa’s digital camera. Logistically this makes it easy since there is someone designated to take the pictures and it is all with the same camera. Lisa then uploaded the pictures to her web site. Right on her home page there is a link to “View Your Pictures from Past Events”. When you click on your event, you are taken to a Picasa web gallery where you can view, download, share or order prints of your photos. Not only does this make it easy for the attendees but it increases traffic to Lisa’s web site. Brilliant!

08 June 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Learning Effective Marketing from a Mom


Remember to look everywhere for effective marketing strategies.

I met a woman this weekend at a conference and we really hit it off and as we were saying goodbye she said” Let me give you my card”. Here it is…(the smudging is mine to protect her contact info).

I laughed when she gave it to me because I thought it was cute, but in thinking about it I realize that this card does exactly what a card is intended for…

I remember her

I kept her card

I will call her

Does your business card do that?