70carsEspecially when it works as hoped. I should qualify that statement. I love Google to find things. I love eBay to get an idea of the prevailing consumer market. And I love companies that have clear, easy-to-use web sites.

I am involved in a holiday toy drive at my church. Someone brought in this fabulous set of 70 toy cars. Every little boy in the church is enamored with this set. My little one is in a serious car phase. The set has 3 sections – race cars, construction vehicles and rescue vehicles. A little boy’s absolute dream. I am not the only mom who was extremely interested in where this set came from. So, it came from BJs and was only $20. The family who donated it received so many requests for where it came from that they went back to BJs and true to super stores everywhere – they were out of stock and probably won’t be getting any back in.

So I Googled the toy. Found the manufacturer (not in the US, bad web site). Found an eBay listing for $50. Used their description to Re-Google (is that a verb, too?). Found it on the BJs web site (why didn’t I look there first?) for $20. Shish, bang, boom – cars are on the way and will be under the tree from Santa.

Does your online marketing make it easy for customers to find you and do business with you?