If you have been around me in the past few days, you have seen my latest Thing I Love. May I present my Vado.

I loved this video camera before I even got it. I waited with great anticipation as it made it’s way to me via the United Parcel Service. This is a video camera that connects directly to my computer via the USB plug built into the camera. It has a 2GB hard drive which means I can store up to 2 hours of video on it. The video is not Scorsese-quality, but I’ve watched the clips full screen on my computer and they look good. The software is on the camera itself so it can easily be connected to any computer and work. The software includes easy one-button uploads to PhotoBucket and YouTube. PhotoBucket allows public or private galleries so my mom and mother-in-law are thrilled to see their grandchild in the 7 videos I have already uploaded.

Just in the next few days, I will be creating videos for one of my clients both to post on YouTube to drive traffic and directly on the client web site as an introduction and to add another dimension to the site.

The Vado is simple, yet effective. It’s small, portable, and pink. Another feature I like is that it is a bit tricky to turn on which means it won’t turn itself on and kill it’s own battery in my bag.

I Highly recommend it. Everyone I have shown it to is eager to buy there own. Boys, it also comes in gray. It is made by Creative Labs.