Laura B. Poindexter has had a career focus on low-cost marketing strategies. She employed these techniques in the sporting goods and telecom industries before starting her own firm, laura b creative, in 2000. She is also a professional speaker who presents keynote speeches, convention breakouts, presentations, seminars and workshops on small business marketing topics. If you are searching for an experienced speaker for small business owners, you need look no further.

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Laura presents on integrating social media with email marketing

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Her current topics include:

Social Media Marketing Overview
You’ve heard about the sites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare. Everyone says “You need to be on there”, but you have no idea what they are or how to leverage them to increase business. You may have even joined one of two of these Social Media sites but you haven’t seen a difference in your business. This overview will show the impact of social media in today’s society and help you differentiate which social media platforms are right for your business.

Condensed Social Media Marketing Overview (20-30 minutes)
This overview will show the impact of social media in today’s society and help you differentiate which social media platforms are right for your business including 5 specific tips on best business practices on each of the major social networking sites.

Making an Impact on LinkedIn
Find out how to be more active on this business networking site. Learn about the new functionality that LinkedIn has added that can help you establish yourself as an expert in your line of work.

Know Your Keywords: Search Engine Optimization and Google AdWords
Content is king and targeting specific keywords and phrases can make a huge impact on your search results leading to more qualified prospects finding your business online.

Effective Blogging
Everyone is telling you that you should blog, but you don’t know where to start. In this informative seminar, learn how a blog may be fantastic or detrimental to your web site, if you should blog, and, if needed, how to set up a blog.

Gaining Friends and Fans on Facebook
Learn how to promote your business on this extremely popular social networking site, how to keep your business and personal interests separate and how to target the customers you are looking for.

Marketing in Short Bursts with Twitter
The media is all aflutter over Twitter, the leading micro-blogging site. You may be thinking that Twitter can not help your business, but used in the right way Twitter can help you reach your customers directly via web, email, even text messages to their cell phones.

Showing Your Stuff with YouTube
The evolution of the Internet and widespread broadband access has made the power of video accessible to the small business owner. Find out how to draw web site traffic and gain customers using videos on YouTube, the #2 site for search.

Integrating Social Media with Email Marketing
Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool used by many small businesses. Come learn how to harness the power of your opt-in list to bolster your presence on social media. Along with innovative ways to repurpose your newsletter content across social media platforms. Integrating these two low cost marketing tools will make your marketing more exciting, dynamic and fun.

101 Low Cost Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
You are sure to leave this presentation with tons of ideas on how to market your business with ideas, suggestions and real world examples.

The Power of Email Marketing (as part of the Constant Contact Local Expert program)
Best Practices in Email Marketing for Entrepreneurs, Associations, Chambers, Non-Profits, and Small Business
Build the relationships that are the key to your business success with easy, inexpensive and highly effective email marketing! In this seminar, we will provide tips to increase your email deliverability and open rates, write good headlines and content, and perhaps most importantly, strategies for getting — and keeping — high quality prospects, customers and members.

3 Keys to Email Marketing (as part of the Constant Contact Local Expert program)
A briefer version of the Power of Email Marketing, focusing on the most important aspects of:

  • What is permission-based email marketing and list building
  • How to decide on the best format, content, and frequency for your organization
  • Getting readers to take action, tracking results, and what to do with this information

Social Media Made Simple (as part of the Constant Contact Local Expert program)
You’ve probably heard of social media. You may even understand the value social media can bring to your business.  Now wondering how to start?  In this introductory session, we cover strategies and best practices to get the most out of your social media activities, including:

  • What social media marketing really is and why use it
  • Introduction to social media channels and how to evaluate what’s right for your business or organization
  • How small businesses are using these low-cost tools to gain visibility, develop relationships and drive sales and response
  • How to create good content for your social media marketing campaigns and time management
  • How to balance social media marketing with email marketing and your other marketing efforts.

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