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27 December 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Year End List Growth in Constant Contact

If you are a Constant Contact user, be sure to grab this quick report before year end. Constant Contact tracks your list growth and gives you the following options under Contacts > Reports: last 30 days last 60 days last 90 days month to date year to date This is all great information and you […]

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21 December 2017 ~ 0 Comments

How to Boost Facebook Posts the Right Way

A few years ago, I wrote one of my most popular articles: Please Do NOT Boost That Facebook Post. I’ve since had a change of heart because Facebook has changed the options available for boosting posts. I still believe most businesses are not boosting Facebook posts properly and I hope to shed some light on […]

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07 March 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Why I Love Constant Contact

I have found Constant Contact is the right fit for 90% of the thousands of small business owners and nonprofit marketers I speak to each year. And email marketing is the number one digital marketing strategy you should be implementing in your business. In case you are unaware, Constant Contact is an email solution provider. […]

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10 September 2016 ~ 0 Comments

Are You Hurting Your Business with These 6 Social Media Mistakes?

You are on social media. You are posting updates. You may have even built a respectable following but you are getting no engagement or growth in your profiles. And, more importantly, you are not seeing increased sales from your efforts. What’s the problem? I see the following mistakes most often when I review a business’ […]

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